Thursday, 4 June 2009

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

no more cards till later now

well that is all you are getting for now card wise, as i need to go out. and i also need to take some pics of the other cards that i have made - i really need to get myself motivated today!!! then again i have been busy cutting my Jolly Nation decoupage images out - oh my how much time it can take up, especially when you are trying to do 3 things at once!!

hopefully i will get the pictures taken as soon as i get back, and then i can post them all A.S.A.P for you

i hope that everyone out in blog land is ok today

take care, and big hugs

Jodie xx


here is a tag that i made with some of the leftovers from another card that i made. as soon as i can i will post the card that i made to match this tag.

i will hopefully use this tag on one of the presents for my eldest

all the items used are from the LMC kit

and as u can clearly see, no beads on this one!! so i'm not going too mad on them lol


here is an easter card that i have made using the LMC kit

this card will be for one of my daughters, either from me and OH, or from their brothers

again all the items apart from the addition of beads are from the LMC kit. i think that i am going through a bead frenzy at the moment!! i wanted to jazz the eggs, and the hatched egg up, and thought beads would do a nice job!!

hopefully i didn't go too over the top with the beads!! please let me know if i dd


well first up is a birthday card that i made from the latest issue of LETS MAKE CARDS MAGAZINE (LMC).

i think this is a great card, and would make a lovely birthday card for my eldest daughter who will be 6 in may - god how time flies!! i haven't completely decide on whether this will be her birthday card or not, as it depends on what else i come up with - but then again there are her brothers and sisters to make cards from, so i suppose it could be used there if i choose a different one from me!

all the items used to make this card, are from the LMC kit, all except the beads.

i though that i would try and put my own take on the card, and use up some of my beads that i had in my stash, and the ones that i received from COPSE aka Karen over on the CB forum. i wasn't quite sure wether putting beads on the bunny, would ruin the card, but i think the outcome is ok - but then again i would say that wouldn't i?!?!

finally i have managed to make some cards!!!

well i have finally knuckled down to making some cards again! i don't think i have been doing much else really lol, but it's about time that i got back in the saddle so to speak!!!

i have managed to make a fair few cards over the past few days, but that is down to the fact that some of them are decoupage cards - and some of the images were die cut!!! so obviously saved some time!!

i think i have fallen in love with Jolly Nation! i will definitely be buying more of their products, i think next on my list is their girls set of decoupage!

well i will end this post here, so that i can post my makes!!

take care all, and big hugs

Jodie xx

Saturday, 4 April 2009


well the blog candy that i won on Sally's blog has arrived, and i'm ever so excited!! it is WAY better than what i expected it be!! i knew that there was some stamps from STAMPIN UP'S sale-abration range, but didn't realise that were 7 stamps in total!!!

i can't wait to start using everything in what i make, i'm not sure what i'm going to do yet, but i think i may use some of the ribbons on the decoupage card that i am currently making. i will go and take some pics later so you can all see what i got!! i'm not trying to make you jealous, honestly i'm NOT!!!!

i hope everyone out in blog land is having a great day today

hugs to all

Jodie xx