Wednesday, 18 February 2009

another butterfly shaped card

this is a picture of the front of the card standing up
this is the front of the card lying down
and finally a close up of the main embellishments

items ii used are:

  • white glittered card from stash
  • purple vellum from stash
  • purple brads from stash
  • embossed heart embellishments from LMC
  • faux heart 'gems' from LMC
  • faux pearls from LMC
i thought this time i would have a simple butterfly card, hence there only being vellum on there and some embellishments. i wasn't quite sure how is was going to turn out without having any paper on there, but the vellum has worked wonders on it!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Arty Girlz recycling challenge

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I Want Candy...Bow Wow Wow!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I do luvs y'all, my little bloggy buddies!

Now, there are those of you, who'll read the title of this post, and assume I've lost my mind!
There, will be those of you, who know this to be true!

Then, there will be those fans of 80's music (like myself) who will be happily watching THIS, singing along and drumming the intro on their desks!

Now, as it's almost my first blogoversary, I thought we'd have a little 80's themed bloggy party, complete with candy!

this candy to be exact:

1 x Sugar Nellie Rubber Stamp (Maggie with Spring Flowers)
1x Sugar Nellie Rubber Stamp (Little Cotton Rabbits, Baby Bunny)
I 6x6 Basic Grey, 36 sheet, paper pad (Sugared)
1 pack of Basic Grey glazed brads (Sugared)
1 Cuttlebug embossing folder (Script)
1x Maya Road coffee break chipboard book
12 assorted Craftwork Cards 'in the buff' blossoms
32 assorted pieces of SU! Hodge Podge Hardware in Vanilla & Pewter
10 'Hand Made With Love' charms (5 gold & 5 silver)
A selection of ribbons
If I can find any WHAM! bars in the meantime, I'll also include one of those, to pull your fillings out!

Would you like to know how to win these Goodies?


1. Become a follower of this blog (if you aren't already)

2. Place a link on your blog, to my candy.

3. Leave a comment on this post, telling me your favourite 80's track...

I'll start you off with my personal favourite...

I want to hear them all...the more horrific the better!

This candy will close on Sunday 1st March at midnight (GMT), and the winner chosen by
The winner will be announced here on my Blogoversary, Monday 2nd March. You will have just 24 hours to claim your prize, or I will choose another winner and so on..
So you'll have to check quickly!

If you don't have a blog, you can still enter by leaving a comment telling me your favourite 80's tune!

I will mail everyone can enter!

butterfly shaped card

well here it is, my butterfly shaped card that i said i was going to make. i really love the shape of this card so i'm gonna make another one!! i was gonna put some wire on for antenna but wasn't sure if it would look ok, and i haven't currently got a lot of wire in my stash to waste - so that is the next thing i think i am going to have to buy when i next go on a craft spree at the end of the month (hopefully).

items i used are:

  • cram glittered card from RYMAN's
  • free papers that i got with a card making magazine
  • vellum from papermania
  • brads from papermania
  • allother embillishments are from lets make magazine (LMC) issue 21
  • sentiment from LMC issue 21
  • silver matting card from my own stash
  • butterfly backing from LMC issue 21


a photo from the awards ceremony on the 28th June 2008
this is everybody who got an award on stage on the 28th June 2008, my eldest kayleigh is in there
another photo from the ceremony day on the 28th June 2008

Monday, 16 February 2009


this is my eldest kayleigh-jade at an her awards ceremony. here she is posing with Nick Baker with her certificate that she got. she was a bit disappointed that she only got a certificate, but for some reason that is what they call an awards as all the children there got the same thing. she was a little more impressed with the book token that she also got, so on the whole she was pleased. it was good day out for her, well once everything had got going anyway!!

she didn't seem to undestand why it was 'taking so long' for them to start giving the awards out!! it didn't help that she was almost last her catergory , meaning that she had to wait even longer. but as soon as her was her turn to collect her prize she was quite happy watching everybody else collect theirs.

she even got up and did some dancing when the music came on at the end of the ceremony. i have got a really great photo of her dancing that should make you laugh - i will have to dig it out and put it on here for you all to see


Blog Candy.....:)

The sun is shining and we have beautiful blue skies this morning - I keep smiling to myself everytime I look out my because I am feeling so bright and cheery and to celebrate blue skies - I have some Blog Candy for you...:) :) :)

This is what you could win - it is one of my Faith Stamps (Faith on her windowseat) from my latest range of Faith stamps (Faith she's got the word)
You can see the rest of the Faith stamps HERE

You have until Saturday midday 7th March to enter. All you have to do is follow The Crafty Pad blog (if you don't already do), leave a comment here and put a link on your blog to The Crafty Pad telling everyone all about the candy. :) :)

I will post world wide..:)

Good luck - the winner shall be chosen by random. :)

the link for the blog candy can be found at

xxThe Crafty Pad Teamxx

3rd candy give away of 2009

3rd candy give away is now up for grabs.....

If you want to be in with a chance of winning this time then simply click HERE and follow the rules....

Good luck to you all... Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 15 February 2009


jayden with daddy on both pics


this is an experiment that i did last night with the template that i was trying to re-size and was not getting anywhere. this a better size than the ones i was getting at first, but it still wasn't as big as i would have liked - maybe this card could be for one of my daughters. i'm not quite sure about the card, but for an experiment i can't moan really.

materials used are:

  • blue blank
  • blue vellum
  • blue brads from Paper Mania
  • Anita's peel offs
thanks for looking and as soon as i have finished my butterfly shaped cards i will put them up for you all to see


one more of tiegan, pulling a face this time


a few more pics of jayden


two more of tiegan


some more pictures of tiegan and jayden at their birthday party at the mother and baby group they used to go to


both pictures have got tiegan and jayden in with me and OH (their daddy), at the party that they had at the mother and baby group we went to. this was for their first birthday. they were so lucky, as i don't know many children who get too have two birthdays on the same day!!


Tiegan with her granddad
tiegan and jayden with daddy


two more pictures of Tiegan, a little bit more recent than the baby photos


tiegan and jayden at 3 months old - their first christmas


this is Tiegan at one day getting ready to leave the hospital to go home with her brother. the same thing regarding clothes goes with tiegan aswell, as she was even smaller in weight than Jayden was. she took after her big sister, who was also small for her age. but she may carry on like her big sister who has had a growth spurt which was long overdue.


this is Jayden at one day old just before we left the hospital to bring him and sister home. his clothes were a little big for him at the time as i was told he was going to weigh more than what he did. i shouldn't have listened to them really. but oh well we all do silly things at some point in our lives!!

Saturday, 14 February 2009


these two pictures are of Jayden on the day he was born, he was born on 11.09.2006 at 3.45pm weighing in at 6lb 8oz. as i said with the pics of Tiegan, Jayden was supposed to weigh 7lb. he was the one born closet to the estimated weight, but thankfully he wasn't 7lb either. i don't know if i would have been able to carry all that weight!


these two pictures are of Tiegan on the day she was born, she was born on the 11.09.2006 at 3.23pm weighing in at 5lb 7oz. she was my little surprise as i was told that i was having two boys! i was also told that they would both weigh 7lb, but thankfully she didn't. over the next few days i will put some recent ics of the children on, as Tiegan and Jayden are now nearlly 2 and a half


i thought i would share some pics of my family with some of you over at the CB forum. these two pictures are of my youngest two children (twins) Tiegan and Jayden. this photo was taken when they were one day old

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

valentines any craft challenge on CB

over on the crafts beautiful forum Natalie aka Sequin is hosting a valentines challenge, which is for any craft. she wanted hearts red and pink incorporated into whatever you made - so i cam up with this card. i hope you like it

there is stiff competition in this challenge, so i have got my fingers crossed for the the 13th February which is the closing date. it would be nice if i win, as it will be the first time that i have won a challenge, but it doesn't matter if i don't win as there be plenty of other challenges that i can enter.

wish me luck folks!!


here is a new job card i made. and before anyone asks, it’s supposed to be a handbag, but i didn’t do too well on that as i can’t draw to save my life!!

thanks for looking

jodie xx

Monday, 9 February 2009


how frustrating.....

i was making a card earlier tonight and thought i would use beads on - only to discover halfway through i ran out of the beads that i was using!! i now have to wait til next weekend to buy some more and to finish my card! how frustrating! i hate having unfinished projects lying around. but credit to my OH as when i told him my dilemma he said he would go and buy some beads next weekend! so i think can just about wait that long if he is prepared to buy some

Sunday, 8 February 2009

valentines day

well as promised i am back with pics of my makes.

well first up a valentines card that i made, i'm not too sure if it will be the one that i'm giving to my OH yet - depends on whether i make anything else before then that i like. i really like this card because the paper that i used is so bold that i don't need a lot of embillishments on the card. all i used on this card was use a red blank with the black lips paper with silver ribbon down the length of the card and a 'hot stuff' sentiment.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

just to let you know i'm still here, i've just been a bit too busy to post anything over the past couple of days. but i have made a few new cards since i lasted posted on the 4th February 2009, and i will upload them at some point over the weekend. they will all be for sale to see if anybody is interested in buying them - one of them is a mothers day card, another one is a cupcake tag card (you could use it as a tag, or have it a small card - cards come in various shapes and sizes, not just the obvious) and the other one is for a best friend. i will go into more detail of each card when i upload the pics for each one. right well i'm to bed as it's VERY late now, but i'll be back tomorrow or sunday

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

mothers day card

this view is of the inside of the card whilst it is lying down. i know there is not much to look at at this angle, but i thought it would show off the backing paper that i used.
this view is of the card lay down, as you get a different perspective of it when it is in different angles.
this is a normal view of the front of the card.

this is a mothers day card that i made late last night. i couldn't sleep, so thought rather than toss and turn and get no joy at getting to sleep, i'd be creative and make a start on some mothers day cards. i'm not too sure what i think of this one, as it's the first time i have had a go any any fringing. i hope you all like the result of me venturing out of my comfort zone (i prefer cards that are easy to make and don't involve much imagination)

if anybody is interested in buying any of my cards, then feel to get in touch with me regarding payment and delivery. i charge reasonable prices, but bear in mind some might not be too CHEAP as i have to take into account the materials that have been used - so each card will be individually priced. do also bear in mind that i will charge for postage too.

as usual any comments tips or advice are greatly welcomed to a new crafter

how i made this card:

i started of with a white card blank, and then trimmed it down to 5.5cm x 14cm. i then trimmed 5cm off the top front panel, and then stuck down the spotty backing paper to the inside of the card.i then cut 2 4cm deep panels of green card (to fit on the front of the card), which i then fringed both of them before they were put onto the card. the first fringed panel went onto the top of the card, and i then cut a another green panel of card this time measuring 5.5cm x 9cm. this green panel was to be placed on the front of the card just under the top fringed panel - leaving just the fringed part of the panel on show. then i placed the second fringed panel to the bottom of the card, where i then attached a Happy Mother's Dday sentiment covering up the panel making sure that only the fringes can be seen. i then decorated the card with 2 diecut butterflies, some sequin flowers and purple gems to pick out the purple in the backing paper

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

another card made from the papermania kit that i got. i partly used the demo that came with the kit, but also made it my own too