Saturday, 7 February 2009

just to let you know i'm still here, i've just been a bit too busy to post anything over the past couple of days. but i have made a few new cards since i lasted posted on the 4th February 2009, and i will upload them at some point over the weekend. they will all be for sale to see if anybody is interested in buying them - one of them is a mothers day card, another one is a cupcake tag card (you could use it as a tag, or have it a small card - cards come in various shapes and sizes, not just the obvious) and the other one is for a best friend. i will go into more detail of each card when i upload the pics for each one. right well i'm to bed as it's VERY late now, but i'll be back tomorrow or sunday


  1. Looking forward to seeing your cards!

  2. hopefully i should put some on here later on today