Monday, 16 February 2009


this is my eldest kayleigh-jade at an her awards ceremony. here she is posing with Nick Baker with her certificate that she got. she was a bit disappointed that she only got a certificate, but for some reason that is what they call an awards as all the children there got the same thing. she was a little more impressed with the book token that she also got, so on the whole she was pleased. it was good day out for her, well once everything had got going anyway!!

she didn't seem to undestand why it was 'taking so long' for them to start giving the awards out!! it didn't help that she was almost last her catergory , meaning that she had to wait even longer. but as soon as her was her turn to collect her prize she was quite happy watching everybody else collect theirs.

she even got up and did some dancing when the music came on at the end of the ceremony. i have got a really great photo of her dancing that should make you laugh - i will have to dig it out and put it on here for you all to see

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