Thursday, 4 June 2009

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

no more cards till later now

well that is all you are getting for now card wise, as i need to go out. and i also need to take some pics of the other cards that i have made - i really need to get myself motivated today!!! then again i have been busy cutting my Jolly Nation decoupage images out - oh my how much time it can take up, especially when you are trying to do 3 things at once!!

hopefully i will get the pictures taken as soon as i get back, and then i can post them all A.S.A.P for you

i hope that everyone out in blog land is ok today

take care, and big hugs

Jodie xx


here is a tag that i made with some of the leftovers from another card that i made. as soon as i can i will post the card that i made to match this tag.

i will hopefully use this tag on one of the presents for my eldest

all the items used are from the LMC kit

and as u can clearly see, no beads on this one!! so i'm not going too mad on them lol


here is an easter card that i have made using the LMC kit

this card will be for one of my daughters, either from me and OH, or from their brothers

again all the items apart from the addition of beads are from the LMC kit. i think that i am going through a bead frenzy at the moment!! i wanted to jazz the eggs, and the hatched egg up, and thought beads would do a nice job!!

hopefully i didn't go too over the top with the beads!! please let me know if i dd


well first up is a birthday card that i made from the latest issue of LETS MAKE CARDS MAGAZINE (LMC).

i think this is a great card, and would make a lovely birthday card for my eldest daughter who will be 6 in may - god how time flies!! i haven't completely decide on whether this will be her birthday card or not, as it depends on what else i come up with - but then again there are her brothers and sisters to make cards from, so i suppose it could be used there if i choose a different one from me!

all the items used to make this card, are from the LMC kit, all except the beads.

i though that i would try and put my own take on the card, and use up some of my beads that i had in my stash, and the ones that i received from COPSE aka Karen over on the CB forum. i wasn't quite sure wether putting beads on the bunny, would ruin the card, but i think the outcome is ok - but then again i would say that wouldn't i?!?!

finally i have managed to make some cards!!!

well i have finally knuckled down to making some cards again! i don't think i have been doing much else really lol, but it's about time that i got back in the saddle so to speak!!!

i have managed to make a fair few cards over the past few days, but that is down to the fact that some of them are decoupage cards - and some of the images were die cut!!! so obviously saved some time!!

i think i have fallen in love with Jolly Nation! i will definitely be buying more of their products, i think next on my list is their girls set of decoupage!

well i will end this post here, so that i can post my makes!!

take care all, and big hugs

Jodie xx

Saturday, 4 April 2009


well the blog candy that i won on Sally's blog has arrived, and i'm ever so excited!! it is WAY better than what i expected it be!! i knew that there was some stamps from STAMPIN UP'S sale-abration range, but didn't realise that were 7 stamps in total!!!

i can't wait to start using everything in what i make, i'm not sure what i'm going to do yet, but i think i may use some of the ribbons on the decoupage card that i am currently making. i will go and take some pics later so you can all see what i got!! i'm not trying to make you jealous, honestly i'm NOT!!!!

i hope everyone out in blog land is having a great day today

hugs to all

Jodie xx

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

ribbon swap

well yesterday i recieved the ribbon swap parcel from Barbara on the CB forum! i wasn't expecting it, as i hadn't been online, so recieved before i had seen her message saying she was sending to me lol

it really made my day, as it's normally bills that come in the post! iwas doing the housework when the postie knocked on the dooe with the goodies, i couldn't believe how many different ribbons were in there! i so wanted to stop doing what i was doing, and have a rummage there and then! but i managed to resist the urge to look til i had finished doing what i was doing.

i have now finished having a rummage, and found loads of gorgeous ribbons in there that i wanted! i had to be strict with myself as if i had my own way, i wouldhave had the lot!!! i am now going to have look through my own stash of ribbons and see what i want to part with in return. i'm hoping they will be useful to someone else, and they get some use out of them seen as i'm not using them all!

this is the first swap that i have taken part in, and i can't wait to part in more in the future - it's a really great way of acquiring different kinds of ribbons, fibers, lace e.t.c without having to go out and buy any.

i'm just hoping that there will be another embillishment swap, as there was one all ready up and running when i joined up with the CB forum - so i wasn't able to sign up to that one!! i never thought that a swap could be so exciting, and people that aren't into papercrafts wouldn't understand - put it such a great feeling!!

well i better end this post, as i need to make a start on sorting through my own ribbons, so that i can send the parcel of too Isabelle - as i'm hoping to re-send it tomorrow!! and the longer i leave it, the later it will get, and i will end up going to bed and not doing it - and having a mad dash tomorrow!

i hnope everyone out in blog land is fine, and having a great day

take care alll, and hugs to all too

Jodie xx


well i couldn't believe my luck today! i went onto he CB FORUM as someone had posted in my topic, and i wasn't expecting what i got - I HAVE WON THE BLOG CANDY OVER AT SALLY'S DAZE!!

i had completely forgotten that i had entered what with everything that has happened, and when i entered i never imangined winning!!! so maybe things are starting to look up sooner than expected!

i have definitely got no excuse now to get back making cards! and i can't wait for my candy to arrive!! i'm so excited at the min that i think i could burst any minute!! this is just what i could do with - it's a shame i can't win blog candy every day!!!

well fellow blogger i will end this post here, and wiill psot again soon hopefully with a new make too

take care, and hugs to all

Jodie xx

not been around

i thought that i would let everyone out in blogland know that i haven't been on since the begining of the month - due to being in hospital

it has been really horrible time for me, as not only have i not been able to make any cards while i was in hospoital, i was going through an awful time of gloom - and nearlly died!!

i'm so glad to be back at home now, so that i can catch up on the CB forum, and do some more card making, as well as do some some blog hopping to see what has been happening in blogland while i have been away

i will not go too much innto detail about what i was going through as it is painful, and i'm sure you are not that interested in getting an essay onn my life lol.

well it started out ok, as me and the OH were trying for another baby, god's why we must be mad as i have got 4 children!! i eventually fell pregnant after a few months of trying, and we were both over the moon!! but i excitement was to be short lived! quite soon into the pregnancy, i was really ill and suffering from servere pain, so we trawled off the hospital thinking it would just be like normal and get told that it was a bad kidney infection or something - i have had kidney troubel since i was about 2, so that is what we were both expecting to here.

but we were oh so wrong!! after some tests, they found out i was having an EPTOPIC PREGNANCY, this is something that we were not expecting. we then later found out that i was having twins again, which just rubbed salt into the wounds!!! if not having an eptopic pregnany wasn't bad enough, i had lost the chance to have 2 children - i know thay technically they wern't fully formed, but they were still babies to me!

to top all that off, and to make things worse, i nearlly died! so bang went the theory of just having to saty in for a couple of nights, be given antibiotics, and then go home again until the next time!

i'm now back home, and healthy thanks to the amazing staff at DERRIFORD HOSPITAL, but they don't have a magic wand to cure the blue mood that i am due to everythig that has happened. it doesn't help that evry time i try to go out, so that i'm not cooped up all day, all i see are new mothers!! i know that i will get over it at some point, but the pain is so RAW!!!

i am tying to think positive, and hopefully it won't take too long until i am feeling a bit better mood wise

well sorry for the essay guys, i beeter end it there, and if i need to i will make further posts regarding this matter

take care everyone

Jodie xx

Thursday, 5 March 2009


i just have to share this wonderful news with everyone out there in blog land

if you pop over to CRAFTY COO you will find that the lovely Lorraine is holding a blog candy with a difference!! she will be adding a different item to her candy every day for the next two weeks! so as she she says the lucky winner will get no less than 14 items!!! she is also being very generous and letting everyone enter 14 times if they wish to do so

all you need to do to enter is:

The rules.....................................................
Easy really... simply leave a comment on any of the daily blog candy links & you will be counted.

all that is left to do is tell you what is up for grabs

First on the list is this Artisan jewellery making kit which contains beautiful glass beads... now these can be used for jewellery, but likewise can also be used on your cards or scrap pages...

also.... she has chosen to include a large heart squeeze punch by fiskars. Very easy to use & can be used for your scalloped edges & flowers as well as just being a heart....

i will update when she adds some more candy tomorrow

good luck to everybody that wishes to enter



i have just come on here to find out that Maureen over at Glittzy News has given me an award!! i don't know how all this award giving works though!!

she was given one and nominated 5 people so i am wondering if i have to do the the same!!

someone help me please!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


over at Sally's daze there is some blog candy available!!

all you have to do if you wish to take part is leave a comment on her blog, she is also letting people enter twice if the also become a follower of her blog too!! which i think is VERY generous of her

she is also letting people enter that do no have a blog, and all you have to do then is leave here a comment on her blog and give her your email address, so that she can contact you if you are the winner

the blog candy that is on offer is:

~ 2 fabulous sets of Stampin' Up! stamps, Yummy and Polka Dot Punches. Both are Sale-A-Bration stamps and no longer available!
~A pack of Making Memories page pebbles
~Bazzill Stitch'z granny stitches templates
~Riff Raff Designs chipboard tree
~Scenic Route chipboard embellishments
~Some lengths of Stampin' Up! 1/4" Grosgrain ribbon
~7 Gypsies cardstock stickers

the closing date is, midnight (GMT) the 22nd March (which is Mother's Day here in the UK). she will be announcing the lucky winner the next day!!

good luck to everyone that wishes to enter

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

flower shaped card

here is a flower shaped card that i saw in an issue of LMC, and when i saw it i just knew i had to have a go at it as i'm going through a phase of where i would like to make cards that are not just square and rectangular!! so i will probably make loads more different shaped cards!!

i have slightly changed what i embellishments i used on the card to the one in the mag, but who cares as i still think it looks ok

items used are:

  • pink card blank from LMC
  • spotty paper from LMC
  • pink sequins from LMC
  • silver matting card from stash
  • love circle die cut embellishment from LMC

Blog Candy !!!

over at creations by copse you will find some blog candy that she is giving away

the blog candy as she says will be:

which will be a mixture of Papers, ribbons, gems, brads, beads and whatever takes my fancy from my stash.. I might also make a item of Jewellrey as well. why not post a link to the Blog candy on your blog as well....

Draw will take place on March 28th...

good luck to anyone that wishes to enter

Monday, 2 March 2009

home cooking

i have decided to start doing home cooking instead of eating loads of crap all the time. i have always though about eating good wholesome meals but i always seem to come up with an excuse for not doing it!! how long i will last at trying to cook and eat healthy i have no idea!! i'm going to try my best to stick at it though as i would like to try and lose some weight as well - then again i have been saying that for a long time too!! do you all see a pattern emerging here!!

i think my reason for thinking that i will now make an effort to lose weight other than for medical reasons, is i have got 4 beautiful children and don't really plan on having any more so i concentrate on losing weight and keeping it off without worrying about what being pregnant again would do to my body - especially as i have been told that i as i have had twins i am very likely to have another multiple pregnancy!! they even told me there is a high chance that i could have more than 2!!

i'd dread to think what having more than 2 babies would to do to me, as i put LOADS of weight on in that pregnancy as to be expected i suppose - but i'm not used to it as i had never really been when i was pregnant with my other two children. admittedly i was bigger with my second child than my first -kieron was the heaviest out of them all at 7lb 14oz - but even though he was that big i wasn't exactly massive. i prefered my first pregnancy as i didn't even look pregnant!! i remember somebody seeing a pic of me when i was 6 months gone and them saying you're never 6 months pregnant!! when i went into hospital to be induced a family member jokingly said i don't know why you are here as you're not really pregnant are you!! i bet i made loads of women jealous when they found out i was pregnant and didn't have a bump!!

there was a reason why though and that was because at around 20 weeks gestation Kayleigh stopped growing for no apparent reason. they montired her for as long as they safely could without her benefiting from the ntrients she was getting, but in the end they had to inmduce me as nothing was working and they said that it would be better for her to come out and see if she will get what she needs from milk. after she was born they still couldn't fathom out why she stopped growing as there was nothing medically wrong her and no signs to why it had happened. the trem for it is IUGR which stands for INTER UTERINE GROWTH RATE - and thanks to that i had to be monitred more than normal with my second pregnancy, and obviously with my third being twins you get monitresd more then anyway.

well that is enough of going on about that as i am supposed to be going about home cooking - or rather me trying tio attempt it!!

i made ommelette with tomato and cheese last night, nothing too difficult but i liked the sound of it and it didn't have too many ingredients in it - which is how i like it!! i also wanted it be simple as i don't want to throw myself in at the deep end!! it tasted delicious!! i wish i had taken a pic of it now, but i will show you what it looks like in the mag that the recipe was in and i will also give you the recipe incase any of you fancy trying your self.

ok no matter what i do the picture always ends up at the top of text!! it's too late and i can't be bothered to try and fathom out why i couldn't get it to go where i wanted it!!!!! i will hopefully have a go at cracking it tomorrow - so for now the pic of the ommelette that i made is the first thing that you will see.

this recipe is part of 10 fast meals for busy families and they are all less than £1.30 per person. this particular recipe only contains 5 ingredients which is a bonus i think!!

recipe is:

  • serves 1 (easily multiplied
  • ready in 10 minutes
  • 77p a portion
  • 266 kcals, 21g fat, 8g saturated fat a portion
ingredients needed are:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1tbsp butter
  • 1tbsp grated cheese
  • 2 cherry tomatoes halved
  • 1 spring onion, sliced


  • break the eggs into a bowl and beat with a fork.
  • heat a small frying pan on a medium heat, then add the butter. when the butter has melted and is starting to sizzle, pour in the beaten eggs. using a spatula, pull the cooked eggs from the outside of the pan into the middle, to allow the egg to cook evenly. once it is almost set, sprinkle the cheese, tomatoes and spring onion over the eggs.
  • fold one half of the ommelette over the other, using the spatula. (tilting the pan will help with this).

SERVE WITH a green salad.

bead card

i have finally finished the card i was making when i ran out of beads. i'm quite surprised how quick it was when i used the tacky glue that i bought a few days ago - before that i was using a glue gun. i had decided i was getting fed up with my glue gun as it always seems to go everywhere and make my work look a mess!! i saw the tacky glu on a craft demo recently and when i saw it in the shop when i was stocking up on my beads - i just had to get some!! i think it will be using as often as i can as it really speed the process up of adhering the beads to the card.

items used are:
  • cream glittered card from stash
  • white heart patterend textured paper from LMC
  • pearlescent pink coorugated card from LMC
  • 2 die cut strips used as 'ribbon' from LMC
  • a die cut butterfly from LMC
  • beads on each wing of the butterfly from stash
  • sequins with gems in the middle, both from LMC
  • beads from stash and LMC
the design for this card was in a issue of LMC, but i had run of the card that they had used, so used my own glittered cardstock. i don't it makes much difference as you can only see the inside and back of the card as obviously the rest is covered up!!

happy birthday card

well as promised here is a card that i made yesterday, i would have uploaded then but it was late when i finished it so only took the pic today!!

this card is made from the LMC kit from issue 22, and as usual the kit is FABULOUS!!!!

i think this a fab spring time card. i really love the colors!!

items used are:
  • blue card blank from LMC
  • purple criss cross patterned paper from LMC
  • lemon ribbon from LMC
  • happy birthday sentiment from LMC
  • die cut dragon fly from LMC
  • die cut flower pieces (that i made into decoupage) from LMC

been a bit quiet

i have been a bit quite for a while and not posted on my blog or done any crafting as i haven't been very well. i am now feeling a lot better and am trying to catch up with some crafting. i have got a few cards that i have made so i will upload the pics for you to see shortly.

hopefully i should be posting regularly again now that i am better, i'm not too sure on whether i will post pics of my makes this afternoon or evening as i said i'm trying to catch up - so VERY busy and knee deep in craft materials

hope everyone in blog land is well, and i will try to get some blog hopping done later this evening too if get chance!!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

another butterfly shaped card

this is a picture of the front of the card standing up
this is the front of the card lying down
and finally a close up of the main embellishments

items ii used are:

  • white glittered card from stash
  • purple vellum from stash
  • purple brads from stash
  • embossed heart embellishments from LMC
  • faux heart 'gems' from LMC
  • faux pearls from LMC
i thought this time i would have a simple butterfly card, hence there only being vellum on there and some embellishments. i wasn't quite sure how is was going to turn out without having any paper on there, but the vellum has worked wonders on it!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Arty Girlz recycling challenge

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I Want Candy...Bow Wow Wow!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I do luvs y'all, my little bloggy buddies!

Now, there are those of you, who'll read the title of this post, and assume I've lost my mind!
There, will be those of you, who know this to be true!

Then, there will be those fans of 80's music (like myself) who will be happily watching THIS, singing along and drumming the intro on their desks!

Now, as it's almost my first blogoversary, I thought we'd have a little 80's themed bloggy party, complete with candy!

this candy to be exact:

1 x Sugar Nellie Rubber Stamp (Maggie with Spring Flowers)
1x Sugar Nellie Rubber Stamp (Little Cotton Rabbits, Baby Bunny)
I 6x6 Basic Grey, 36 sheet, paper pad (Sugared)
1 pack of Basic Grey glazed brads (Sugared)
1 Cuttlebug embossing folder (Script)
1x Maya Road coffee break chipboard book
12 assorted Craftwork Cards 'in the buff' blossoms
32 assorted pieces of SU! Hodge Podge Hardware in Vanilla & Pewter
10 'Hand Made With Love' charms (5 gold & 5 silver)
A selection of ribbons
If I can find any WHAM! bars in the meantime, I'll also include one of those, to pull your fillings out!

Would you like to know how to win these Goodies?


1. Become a follower of this blog (if you aren't already)

2. Place a link on your blog, to my candy.

3. Leave a comment on this post, telling me your favourite 80's track...

I'll start you off with my personal favourite...

I want to hear them all...the more horrific the better!

This candy will close on Sunday 1st March at midnight (GMT), and the winner chosen by
The winner will be announced here on my Blogoversary, Monday 2nd March. You will have just 24 hours to claim your prize, or I will choose another winner and so on..
So you'll have to check quickly!

If you don't have a blog, you can still enter by leaving a comment telling me your favourite 80's tune!

I will mail everyone can enter!

butterfly shaped card

well here it is, my butterfly shaped card that i said i was going to make. i really love the shape of this card so i'm gonna make another one!! i was gonna put some wire on for antenna but wasn't sure if it would look ok, and i haven't currently got a lot of wire in my stash to waste - so that is the next thing i think i am going to have to buy when i next go on a craft spree at the end of the month (hopefully).

items i used are:

  • cram glittered card from RYMAN's
  • free papers that i got with a card making magazine
  • vellum from papermania
  • brads from papermania
  • allother embillishments are from lets make magazine (LMC) issue 21
  • sentiment from LMC issue 21
  • silver matting card from my own stash
  • butterfly backing from LMC issue 21


a photo from the awards ceremony on the 28th June 2008
this is everybody who got an award on stage on the 28th June 2008, my eldest kayleigh is in there
another photo from the ceremony day on the 28th June 2008

Monday, 16 February 2009


this is my eldest kayleigh-jade at an her awards ceremony. here she is posing with Nick Baker with her certificate that she got. she was a bit disappointed that she only got a certificate, but for some reason that is what they call an awards as all the children there got the same thing. she was a little more impressed with the book token that she also got, so on the whole she was pleased. it was good day out for her, well once everything had got going anyway!!

she didn't seem to undestand why it was 'taking so long' for them to start giving the awards out!! it didn't help that she was almost last her catergory , meaning that she had to wait even longer. but as soon as her was her turn to collect her prize she was quite happy watching everybody else collect theirs.

she even got up and did some dancing when the music came on at the end of the ceremony. i have got a really great photo of her dancing that should make you laugh - i will have to dig it out and put it on here for you all to see


Blog Candy.....:)

The sun is shining and we have beautiful blue skies this morning - I keep smiling to myself everytime I look out my because I am feeling so bright and cheery and to celebrate blue skies - I have some Blog Candy for you...:) :) :)

This is what you could win - it is one of my Faith Stamps (Faith on her windowseat) from my latest range of Faith stamps (Faith she's got the word)
You can see the rest of the Faith stamps HERE

You have until Saturday midday 7th March to enter. All you have to do is follow The Crafty Pad blog (if you don't already do), leave a comment here and put a link on your blog to The Crafty Pad telling everyone all about the candy. :) :)

I will post world wide..:)

Good luck - the winner shall be chosen by random. :)

the link for the blog candy can be found at

xxThe Crafty Pad Teamxx

3rd candy give away of 2009

3rd candy give away is now up for grabs.....

If you want to be in with a chance of winning this time then simply click HERE and follow the rules....

Good luck to you all... Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 15 February 2009


jayden with daddy on both pics


this is an experiment that i did last night with the template that i was trying to re-size and was not getting anywhere. this a better size than the ones i was getting at first, but it still wasn't as big as i would have liked - maybe this card could be for one of my daughters. i'm not quite sure about the card, but for an experiment i can't moan really.

materials used are:

  • blue blank
  • blue vellum
  • blue brads from Paper Mania
  • Anita's peel offs
thanks for looking and as soon as i have finished my butterfly shaped cards i will put them up for you all to see


one more of tiegan, pulling a face this time


a few more pics of jayden


two more of tiegan


some more pictures of tiegan and jayden at their birthday party at the mother and baby group they used to go to


both pictures have got tiegan and jayden in with me and OH (their daddy), at the party that they had at the mother and baby group we went to. this was for their first birthday. they were so lucky, as i don't know many children who get too have two birthdays on the same day!!


Tiegan with her granddad
tiegan and jayden with daddy


two more pictures of Tiegan, a little bit more recent than the baby photos


tiegan and jayden at 3 months old - their first christmas


this is Tiegan at one day getting ready to leave the hospital to go home with her brother. the same thing regarding clothes goes with tiegan aswell, as she was even smaller in weight than Jayden was. she took after her big sister, who was also small for her age. but she may carry on like her big sister who has had a growth spurt which was long overdue.


this is Jayden at one day old just before we left the hospital to bring him and sister home. his clothes were a little big for him at the time as i was told he was going to weigh more than what he did. i shouldn't have listened to them really. but oh well we all do silly things at some point in our lives!!

Saturday, 14 February 2009


these two pictures are of Jayden on the day he was born, he was born on 11.09.2006 at 3.45pm weighing in at 6lb 8oz. as i said with the pics of Tiegan, Jayden was supposed to weigh 7lb. he was the one born closet to the estimated weight, but thankfully he wasn't 7lb either. i don't know if i would have been able to carry all that weight!