Wednesday, 1 April 2009


well i couldn't believe my luck today! i went onto he CB FORUM as someone had posted in my topic, and i wasn't expecting what i got - I HAVE WON THE BLOG CANDY OVER AT SALLY'S DAZE!!

i had completely forgotten that i had entered what with everything that has happened, and when i entered i never imangined winning!!! so maybe things are starting to look up sooner than expected!

i have definitely got no excuse now to get back making cards! and i can't wait for my candy to arrive!! i'm so excited at the min that i think i could burst any minute!! this is just what i could do with - it's a shame i can't win blog candy every day!!!

well fellow blogger i will end this post here, and wiill psot again soon hopefully with a new make too

take care, and hugs to all

Jodie xx

1 comment:

  1. congratulations Jodie !
    susan (saramar) x