Wednesday, 1 April 2009

ribbon swap

well yesterday i recieved the ribbon swap parcel from Barbara on the CB forum! i wasn't expecting it, as i hadn't been online, so recieved before i had seen her message saying she was sending to me lol

it really made my day, as it's normally bills that come in the post! iwas doing the housework when the postie knocked on the dooe with the goodies, i couldn't believe how many different ribbons were in there! i so wanted to stop doing what i was doing, and have a rummage there and then! but i managed to resist the urge to look til i had finished doing what i was doing.

i have now finished having a rummage, and found loads of gorgeous ribbons in there that i wanted! i had to be strict with myself as if i had my own way, i wouldhave had the lot!!! i am now going to have look through my own stash of ribbons and see what i want to part with in return. i'm hoping they will be useful to someone else, and they get some use out of them seen as i'm not using them all!

this is the first swap that i have taken part in, and i can't wait to part in more in the future - it's a really great way of acquiring different kinds of ribbons, fibers, lace e.t.c without having to go out and buy any.

i'm just hoping that there will be another embillishment swap, as there was one all ready up and running when i joined up with the CB forum - so i wasn't able to sign up to that one!! i never thought that a swap could be so exciting, and people that aren't into papercrafts wouldn't understand - put it such a great feeling!!

well i better end this post, as i need to make a start on sorting through my own ribbons, so that i can send the parcel of too Isabelle - as i'm hoping to re-send it tomorrow!! and the longer i leave it, the later it will get, and i will end up going to bed and not doing it - and having a mad dash tomorrow!

i hnope everyone out in blog land is fine, and having a great day

take care alll, and hugs to all too

Jodie xx

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  1. Have fun sorting through your ribbons Jodie...
    susan (saramar) x