Thursday, 9 April 2009


well first up is a birthday card that i made from the latest issue of LETS MAKE CARDS MAGAZINE (LMC).

i think this is a great card, and would make a lovely birthday card for my eldest daughter who will be 6 in may - god how time flies!! i haven't completely decide on whether this will be her birthday card or not, as it depends on what else i come up with - but then again there are her brothers and sisters to make cards from, so i suppose it could be used there if i choose a different one from me!

all the items used to make this card, are from the LMC kit, all except the beads.

i though that i would try and put my own take on the card, and use up some of my beads that i had in my stash, and the ones that i received from COPSE aka Karen over on the CB forum. i wasn't quite sure wether putting beads on the bunny, would ruin the card, but i think the outcome is ok - but then again i would say that wouldn't i?!?!

1 comment:

  1. very pretty card Jodie !
    susan (saramar) x