Monday, 2 March 2009

home cooking

i have decided to start doing home cooking instead of eating loads of crap all the time. i have always though about eating good wholesome meals but i always seem to come up with an excuse for not doing it!! how long i will last at trying to cook and eat healthy i have no idea!! i'm going to try my best to stick at it though as i would like to try and lose some weight as well - then again i have been saying that for a long time too!! do you all see a pattern emerging here!!

i think my reason for thinking that i will now make an effort to lose weight other than for medical reasons, is i have got 4 beautiful children and don't really plan on having any more so i concentrate on losing weight and keeping it off without worrying about what being pregnant again would do to my body - especially as i have been told that i as i have had twins i am very likely to have another multiple pregnancy!! they even told me there is a high chance that i could have more than 2!!

i'd dread to think what having more than 2 babies would to do to me, as i put LOADS of weight on in that pregnancy as to be expected i suppose - but i'm not used to it as i had never really been when i was pregnant with my other two children. admittedly i was bigger with my second child than my first -kieron was the heaviest out of them all at 7lb 14oz - but even though he was that big i wasn't exactly massive. i prefered my first pregnancy as i didn't even look pregnant!! i remember somebody seeing a pic of me when i was 6 months gone and them saying you're never 6 months pregnant!! when i went into hospital to be induced a family member jokingly said i don't know why you are here as you're not really pregnant are you!! i bet i made loads of women jealous when they found out i was pregnant and didn't have a bump!!

there was a reason why though and that was because at around 20 weeks gestation Kayleigh stopped growing for no apparent reason. they montired her for as long as they safely could without her benefiting from the ntrients she was getting, but in the end they had to inmduce me as nothing was working and they said that it would be better for her to come out and see if she will get what she needs from milk. after she was born they still couldn't fathom out why she stopped growing as there was nothing medically wrong her and no signs to why it had happened. the trem for it is IUGR which stands for INTER UTERINE GROWTH RATE - and thanks to that i had to be monitred more than normal with my second pregnancy, and obviously with my third being twins you get monitresd more then anyway.

well that is enough of going on about that as i am supposed to be going about home cooking - or rather me trying tio attempt it!!

i made ommelette with tomato and cheese last night, nothing too difficult but i liked the sound of it and it didn't have too many ingredients in it - which is how i like it!! i also wanted it be simple as i don't want to throw myself in at the deep end!! it tasted delicious!! i wish i had taken a pic of it now, but i will show you what it looks like in the mag that the recipe was in and i will also give you the recipe incase any of you fancy trying your self.

ok no matter what i do the picture always ends up at the top of text!! it's too late and i can't be bothered to try and fathom out why i couldn't get it to go where i wanted it!!!!! i will hopefully have a go at cracking it tomorrow - so for now the pic of the ommelette that i made is the first thing that you will see.

this recipe is part of 10 fast meals for busy families and they are all less than £1.30 per person. this particular recipe only contains 5 ingredients which is a bonus i think!!

recipe is:

  • serves 1 (easily multiplied
  • ready in 10 minutes
  • 77p a portion
  • 266 kcals, 21g fat, 8g saturated fat a portion
ingredients needed are:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1tbsp butter
  • 1tbsp grated cheese
  • 2 cherry tomatoes halved
  • 1 spring onion, sliced


  • break the eggs into a bowl and beat with a fork.
  • heat a small frying pan on a medium heat, then add the butter. when the butter has melted and is starting to sizzle, pour in the beaten eggs. using a spatula, pull the cooked eggs from the outside of the pan into the middle, to allow the egg to cook evenly. once it is almost set, sprinkle the cheese, tomatoes and spring onion over the eggs.
  • fold one half of the ommelette over the other, using the spatula. (tilting the pan will help with this).

SERVE WITH a green salad.

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