Thursday, 5 March 2009


i have just come on here to find out that Maureen over at Glittzy News has given me an award!! i don't know how all this award giving works though!!

she was given one and nominated 5 people so i am wondering if i have to do the the same!!

someone help me please!!


  1. Jodie,
    I have given you 2 awards!!! a friends one and a gratitude one,you go to my blog,click on the awards one at a time,and click save,so it will go to your PC,You then come back on your blog open new posting,use browse and click on saved awards on your PC, upload them to your blog. Hope you can understand that okay. Yes once you have added your awards to your blog,like I did,and said who awarded them to you,you also pick five people to give them to,once you know who you want to give them to,go to their blog and copy their blog address,go back to your blog,and paste into your page.Keep doing this till you have your five names.Jodie,I hope you can manage with these instructions? best I can explain it to you. So glad you are happy with them.
    Take care Luv Maureen xx

  2. Hey Jodie, hope you have read message here? Try and see if you can do what it says above?? I gave you two awards,If you come over to my blog,I have another little award for you!! Go for it hun.
    Luv Maureen x